Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marketing Automation - the epic journey

One good thing about being in the job search mode is that it gives one time to reflect some on one's last work experience.  In my case, one of the things I have been reflecting on is implementation and use of marketing automation as a key component of my marketing strategy and execution.  Four years ago, after careful evaluation, I chose Eloqua as our marketing automation system.

One day, my boss sent me a video about Eloqua where National Instruments was talking about how they were able to leverage the tool in their marketing strategy.  I immediately saw the power of automating nurturing campaigns, digital body language, segmenting, and the rest.  Imagine, all those wonderful programs chugging along happily in the background generating all those leads.  How the Sales Team would love and adore Marketing.  Well it didn't work out exactly as I envisioned.  Yes, I believe the business did grow substantially more than it would have without marketing automation.  It's a journey, an epic journey.

There were many lessons learned on the way.  Looking back, it feels like one of those epic journey movies, The Wizard of Oz, perhaps.

Is it worth it?  Yes, if you have a Champion.  I was the Champion and I made it work.  Stay tuned for my series of blog posts about my 4 year epic journey with Marketing Automation.