Monday, October 14, 2013

B2B Content Marketing Institute 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America

Thank you Content Marketing Institute for publishing the results of your B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey!  I was glad to see a wider sample this year.  A few observations on the results:
  • The top goal of content marketing is "Brand Awareness".  It perplexes me that this is the top goal because it is so hard to measure.  I wonder how the marketers who place this goal at the top of the list decide if they have achieved the goal.  The second most popular goal, lead generation, makes more sense and it can be measured.
  • Web traffic is the top measure of success.  Really?!  How does web traffic tell you if your content marketing is successful?  Are we, B2B marketers still not sophisticated enough to tie our content to at least opportunities created in the CRM?  We have the technology.
  • 86% of those B2B companies deemed 'most effective' have assigned a person to own the content marketing process.  Bravo!
Content marketing done well, when coupled with effective infrastructure of marketing automation integrated to CRM, drives revenue.  If you're in an industry like manufacturing where adoption seems to be lagging, be the leader and take the market share while the taking is good.