Saturday, May 18, 2013

Does your content marketing suck?

Great related post by Eric Witlake
Everyone is doing it.   Budgets are increasing.  Jobs with "content" in the title are being posted.  It's easy.  Right?

Wrong.  It's hard to be really effective with content marketing.   When I say 'really effective', I mean that you are developing informative content the people in your target audience can/will use to better their situation regardless of what you're selling.  It's helpful and there are no strings attached.

Here are some examples of content marketing that sucks:
  1. Your new application note pretending to be about technology in your industry just happens to wrap up by saying that your firm's specific technology is the best choice.  Your audience isn't dumb and you're not that clever.  It's only a brochure and your content marketing program just lost credibility.
  2. Your new video shows how to install a piece of equipment.  Surprise, the video features your own equipment and is really just an instruction video.  Not much help to the viewer unless they've already bought your stuff.
  3. Your new white paper talks about a specific technology that only you offer.  Again, just another brochure.
  4. Your blog post talks about the features of a new gadget that your firm just launched.  Don't even think about trying to pass this off as 'content'.
  5. Your webinar content is all about how to do something in a particular application ...  with your widget.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marketing Automation - Essential for Content Marketing?

Yes, you need to have a marketing automation system in place in order to leverage content into opportunities and closed sales.

Content Marketing is all the rage lately.  If you're a CEO or CMO, you might be haranguing your people to create a white paper or "do a webinar" just because that's what the buzz is lately on the C-suite golf course.  It's a rare web site in this modern marketing age that does not have some content posted.  It's fairly easy to create a paper or an application note or even a webinar.  But it's harder to turn your content into sales.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marketing Automation - What does it take to succeed? is a great reference

What does it take to succeed with a marketing automation (MA) platform?  The first part of the answer is to define 'success' for you and your organization.  Ideally, success was defined during the purchase process.  Success might be defined by any of these:
  • Revenue growth
  • Specific closed loop ROI (with associated definition of ROI)
  • Leads (with associated definition of a lead)
  • Audience engagement
  • Customer retention rate
  • Renewal rate
  • Reduction in churn
This list is not all-inclusive, but the point is that you need to define success and be able to measure whatever the definition entails.  Isn't measurement one of the major goals of MA to begin with?