Monday, March 10, 2014

2 Down 10 to Go

Well here we are with 2 months down and nearly closing out the 1st quarter of the calendar year.  It was 76 degrees here in Denver today and Spring is knocking on the window.  How's it going?  Are you, my fellow professional modern marketers on track?  Are you confident in positively answering these questions should your CEO happen to ask?

  • Are you able to print out a current and complete Marketing Plan?
  • Could you confidently recite the positioning statement for your product, region or business unit?  How about everyone on your team?  How about everyone in the company?
  • How would your elevator pitch sound to a person classified as your ideal prospect?
  • Could you answer this question if posed by a prospective customer, "Why should I buy this product (or service) from your firm instead of your competitor?"
  • Would you be able to explain how each piece of content works to convert to revenue?
  • If you have a marketing automation platform in place, is it fully utilized or is it just an expensive spammer?
  • Are you marketing like a modern marketer or are you marketing like it's 1999?
  • Where are you on achieving your marketing goals and objectives?  Ahead, on track, behind?
Although not an exhaustive list, if you are confident in answering affirmatively for each of these questions, you should be in great shape!