FAQs about the author

Bruce E. McDuffee
Enabling rapid growth
and increased market share

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Tell me about yourself.
A.  I'm a professional marketer with a passion for developing marketing strategy, tactics and teams that enable the firm to gain market share and, thus, increase their growth rate.  My experience and success is proven in the niche electronics manufacturing space and transferable to any manufacturing company selling to businesses via direct sales and partner channels.

Q.  What is your dream position at this time in your career?
A.  As a professional marketer, I love both strategic and tactical marketing.  My dream position is with a company who wants marketing at the table because the leadership team understands the incredible potential power of modern marketing.  I'm looking for a senior leadership position such as VP, CMO or Senior Director.   Specifically; a B2B manufacturing company, revenue size of 50 to 500 million dollars, global business, electronics or industrial products.  A manufacturing company experiencing difficulty with achieving growth because of global business pressures whose products are sliding towards commodity status would benefit greatly by bringing on a modern marketing leader like myself.  My experience demonstrates an ability to move the needle of growth via modern marketing strategy and tactics. I can add from 5% to 30% to average growth rates depending on the specifics of the firm.

Q. How do you accomplish this market share gain and related growth?
A. I employ a combination of marketing fundamentals and modern marketing tools, tactics and techniques.  Effective use of this strategy will engage with ideal prospects earlier in the buying cycle.  By engaging early, it's possible to gain credibility and top-of-mind awareness giving you a big advantage over competition who have only just received the RFP.  Check out 'The Manufacturer's Growth Manifesto' for more information about how I would approach Modern Marketing 2.0 at a manufacturing firm.

Q. How are you different from the other senior marketing professionals in the manufacturing space?
A. My competence and experience encompass a unique combination of successfully using best practice marketing, marketing automation, CRM and meaningful KPIs to grow and measure the success of the Marketing function.  This is a rare combination in a seasoned marketing professional.

Q. What would you say is your value proposition?
A. I help companies gain market share and grow their business by first making sure the marketing fundamentals are in place and then developing a modern marketing suite including inbound and outbound tactics that engage early and often.  When the day comes and your ideal prospect is ready to buy what the firm is offering, your firm gets the call first and has a strong position already embedded in the prospect's mind.

Q. You're not from my specific industry, how is your knowledge and experience transferable?
A. Best practice B2B marketing transfers across almost any industry.  My marketing experience is primarily in global electronics manufacturing, however, I strongly believe the strategy and tactics I employ will cross any industry.  In fact, it's often a good idea to bring in a strong senior marketer from outside your industry for a fresh look at the market, customers and the current marketing plan.

Q. Do you have experience leading teams?
A. Yes.  I have experience leading, developing and optimizing direct reports, cross-functional, virtual, cross cultural and product launch teams. 

Q. Do you know anything about implementing and leveraging marketing automation and CRM?
A. Yes.  I implemented the Eloqua system 5 years ago for my regional team and supported the expansion to global use over the next few years.  Knowing how to leverage and combine the MA & CRM tools is a critical skill for the senior marketer in industrial companies wanting to grow in this modern marketing era.  I am able to ensure that your marketing automation tool works to grow the business and is not relegated to just an expensive email marketing tool.

Q. What are your core competencies?
A. Marketing strategy, tactics and teams, global marketing execution, high performance teams, implementing and leveraging marketing automation, KPIs that matter to the C-suite, public speaking and presenting, collaborating across multiple time zones, vendor management, budget management and growing revenue streams.

Q. Do you have any international/global experience?
A. Yes.  I have experience working with marketing and management teams in Europe, Asia and Americas to develop marketing and sales teams that ensure growth.

Q. Do you have sales experience?
A. Yes.  I carried a bag for more than 13 years selling products and services to business.  Some of that time included managing sales teams.